We believe that everyone should have access to reliable, affordable and sustainable energy. We have developed a biogas model called Lease-to-Own Biogas where our clients pay a small fee to install a biogas system on their compound and then pay monthly affordable installments to use as much biogas as they want.  

Takamoto Biogas was founded in 2011 as a biogas construction company and installed nearly 80 masonry biogas systems in its first 2 years of operations. During this time we got to know our clients and have since developed a biogas system that better meets their needs. 

Our new systems are pre-fabricated, which allows us to install systems in one day (compared with 14 days for masonry systems) and deliver biogas to our clients within 2 days. We now have over 600 biogas systems installed in Kenya and looking to expand. In addition, we provide biogas stoves and water heaters, addressing the inconsistent supply of appliances that has held the market back in the past.


To be the leading provider of the high quality, modern and affordable and renewable energy products in East Africa that improve lifestyles and improve the environment.   


To improve the lives of farmers in East Africa by providing them with reliable, affordable energy.


We are creating jobs with Biogas Digesters and Bio Digester Septic Tank Construction