We provide various products from biogas installation both the bag digester and the fixed dome digester, bio digester septic tank and construction of modern cow sheds.

What do you need for Takamoto fixed dome?

  • A desire to change your life!
  • Atleast 4 cows or 12 adult Pigs.
  • Access to water on your property.
  • Enough cow dung as may be required by our experts.
  • Enough space as per the size of the digester required.
Advantages of the Fixed Dome Digester

  • Low construction cost.
  • Can  power farm machineries like chaff cutter, brooders, lighting and            power a generator.
  • No moving parts.
  • No rusting steel parts, hence long life.
  • Underground construction affording proctection.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduces deforestation.
  • Improves sanitation through reduction of smell and organic pollution.

What do you need for Takamoto bag digester?

  • A desire to change your life!
  • atleast 2 cows or 6 adult pigs.
  • access to water on your property.
  • A radius of 1.4 meters space.
Advantages of Top Flame Digester

  • Saves you time.
  • Saves you money
  • Power productivity enhancing appliances such as chick brooders and            instant water heater.
  • less spaces needed.
  • Takes just a day to install.
  • Have up to 8 hours of consecutive cooking.

Imagine having to live with a foul smell which gets worse with 
every passing year? Worry no more!! We provide improved method of waste disposal. Get a Takamoto Bio- Digester which uses bacteria to digest all your organic waste on site and dispose it in a more eco-friendly way, and with fewer headaches. 

 Advantages of Bio Digester

  • Cost friendly Installation
  • Less space Required.
  • Requires no exhausting.
  • Smell free.
  • Safe on the environment.

Would you want an ultra modern cow shed? Takamoto have you covered! Get the latest modern design for your cows, calves and storage all in one structure for improved efficiency and security ensuring your cows comfort and improve your productivity.

Advantages of Modern cow shed

  • Enhances livestock security.
  • Improved Productivity.
  • Improves animal hygiene 


Standard Double Burner 


Double Cast Iron Burner


Single Burner 


Biogas Chicken Brooder


Biogas Instant Water Heater


Industrial Burner


Desulphurizers with & without Pressure Gauge


Biogas Chaff Cutter Engine